A filling came out of my tooth while
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Subject: A filling came out of my tooth while


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A filling came out of my tooth while I was brushing my teeth this morning. I can't afford to go to a dentist for a few months — what should I do to maintain the best health until then?

When a filling is lost, it is critical to see a dentist as soon as possible. There are several reasons for immediate concern, including:

1. Existing or new decay, which will eat away tooth structure. dte-d1

2. Root canal problem can result, causing the need for more treatment and expense.

3. Pain.

4. Aesthetic issues.

Try to see your regular dentist, but because finances are a concern, you can visit either an emergency room that has a dental facility or a dental school, where fees are much lower.

Emergency dentistry would entail placing a secure temporary material in the cavity; this would reduce the risk of future problems while you save money for a permanent filling. The small amount you will spend on emergency care will go a long way toward reducing potential future costs and severity of problems.
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