greetings! and welcome to the 8 "guests"
Posted 2003-01-20 2:53 PM (#127 - in reply to #114)
Subject: hello Veronica!

[[This welcome thread is a perfect example of what we need]]

speaking of that ... after noting the 2 replys in minutes, PLUS the administrator's "sticky" attention, i had to go read what was said in that welcome post. never fails, i immediately recognized Spirit's 'hand' (or my hand in Spirit's) in the doing ... and felt the same love that was recognized [as] the "quests" present at the time.

so, considering that, i'm all for keeping it spontaneous ... trusting the site users to follow our Host's prompting to express our greetings and welcome as the need presents itself.

[[How are you today? ]] not my best, sorry to say. my body, in no certain terms is perfectly reflecting the resistance the little mind is putting up to moving forward on my leading edge. honestly, it feels like every joint and bone responsible for moving my legs is seized up! very painful and restricting indeed. the only happy thought i can find is ... what a great 'teacher' my body is! and of course, i know all i have to do to end the pain is change my mind about something. i better listen :{

 [[I saw your post about the 'do good deeds' thread.  I do plan to start that up soon.  I figure that everyone is still getting used to our new digs.]] that's very thoughtful and wise ... i agree.

[[Did you see my thread about things I know?]]  yes, and loved it! 

it's too painful to sit for long today ... hopefully tomorrow i'll get to writing up the 'miracle' report i promised. i'm also looking forward to continuing the exchange with sandra, under "percolating" ... i enjoy her comments so much!

it's 7:15 here on "the blustery rock" ... i'm off to sit with helen and John/her Guide (in ireland/Heaven) and all the others who seek correction healing of mis-perceptions.

appreciating you! with love, rinda

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