Other channels and sources for Jesus/Jeshua
BJ Cook
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((James)): thank you soooooo much for this reminder.... I have been savoring the referances in this thread of "Other channels and sources...", all of which have been on my 'Path' and brought Me to this Moment.

I AM experiencing/feeling such Joyousness at the remembrances....that I had to express in some visible way.

You should see my computer. I have put these multi-colored stickers on of various symbols that I love, of cars/flowers/stars/balloons/hearts/ice-cream cones/animals/rainbows/fish/the Sun and one of my favorite animals: the Bear. This pc and keyboard is a riot of color....as is my frig, which I did the same, with JC's Prayer of Peace that He gave to Grady Clair and My picture in the Center. I AM experiencing the delight it is to 'be a Human Being'....Everytime I glance at the frig at my pic, Love is felt pouring out to My Image...a 'new' experience indeed.

I feel no sense of anger, etc. toward those who we look at as our Asian, etc. Brothers. If I AM to trust in Jesus (Raj's)The Christ's Words, then I cannot hold a smidgeon of hate/fear in any way, nor do I have a sense of 'doing' anything about Pres. Bush, etc. I have always measured My part as to what is 'happening', by the yardstick of Love/Peace I feel, anbd then acting upon it, or not...yet, I recognize and respect the part everyone is playing, going with the "To Thine Own Self Be True."

I just glanced up at the top of this post and read Stef's Guidance post: "...for ye will love more than ye ever thought possible." They were just words before and NOW they are felt with the Joy that they are with the anticipation of Purpose manifesting. Thanks, Stef. Thank You, Everyone.

In the Bliss of His Light,
Peace Always And In All Ways!

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