is this one other way to participate?

Posted 2003-02-12 4:38 AM (#2123 - in reply to #2114)
Subject: RE: bush family tree for your interest

Thank you Amena,

I know now where my sadness came from, I had invested in the 'need' to change anothers mind. I know now that it is my mind I have to watch, and this factual report only helps to strengthen my belief that until we recognise the intense interwoven fabric of this 'life' and move beyond it to the light of the truth, I will continue to "buy into" those needs.

Today I stepped back and became quiet, and the feeling grew in me, that this is right for me, for peace, mine and the worlds. My rice goes off tomorrow. I hesitated, but no more.

I am glad to be here in a place where I can learn from everyone, and with everyone.



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