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To my knowledge, George Bush has never gassed to death men, women and children. He has not shot people in the face who disagree with him. He may have many questionable things in his background but he is not a dictator, he is not a terrorist, he holds no one hostage. He doesn't bomb other countries without provocation. He would not blow up oil wells so that no one could get the oil.

I would rather live in a country headed by Bush than by Saddam. I can yell "down with Bush" from my roof top and you can carry signs in protest marches. The worst that will happen to you is that you will be relegated to spots behind fences where you are out of site. You won't have to worry about being taken away in the middle of the night along with your family and then forced to watch your mother and sisters be raped and murdered before it was your turn to die by having your beard or hair set on fire and nails hammered into your brain.

Saddam is the mad man here who needs to be stopped. Bush is our president because no one voted. Maybe they were all praying for peace or something. Never the less, he is our president now and I am supporting him in this situation. We are at heart a good country founded on freedom and tolerance for all people. We are sometimes sloppy about it but we come through in the clenches and in comparison we are not too bad.
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