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Subject: Sadness (nmi)

Thanks for the veiws, all interesting, what suddenly occured to me, from the responses, was: a  idea of a small bag of rice, even this rouses disagreement, read conflict. no wonder a missile raises such fear.

The course says:

 T-19.III.2. The ego does not think it possible that love, not fear, is really called upon by sin, <and always answers.> 2 For the ego brings sin to fear, demanding punishment. 3 Yet punishment is but another form of guilt's protection, for what is deserving punishment must have been really done. 4 Punishment is always the great preserver of sin, treating it with respect and honoring its enormity. 5 What must be punished, must be true. 6 And what is true must be eternal, and will be repeated endlessly. 7 For what you think is real you want, and will not let it go.

I realise that in the ego world we percieve that no two people can and will ever agree on anything completly. Yet isnt that the exact point of Jesus teaching?

"Love thy Neighbour as you would be loved" at what point does one stop being another's neighbour.

Perhaps what I feel is not to do with the war argument, (I am sure actually that it isnt) it is to do with the righteous way in which we (myself included) adopt a position and from that position try to 'think' the course into being, whilst justifying the ego position.

Maybe I am just a dumb schmuck, far removed from the realities of life. Maybe I should read the course alongside that of the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Rissey told me not to be sad, but I warrant even Jesus would be sad. Even his students seem to be overlooking the simplest of his teaching.

2 Nothing real can be threatened.
3 Nothing unreal exists.

4 Herein lies the peace of God.

I dont know what the answer is. except accepting Gods truth.


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