is this one other way to participate?
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Subject: Have you thought this all the way through?

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So thousands and thousands of people send in their little bag of rice and their note. It adds that much more mail to the workload of the post office, yet at the same time it is generating more let's call this part a wash.

But the bags hit the White House mailroom. I suspect every piece of mail is looked at for harmful the throngs of rice bog everything down and the business of the day is also slowed down.

Now we have thousands of bags of rice...what to do with them? Can't throw them out...what if in one of the bags a real terrorist (or just an insane American) has put some poison of some kind. Each bag must be investigated even before it can be tossed out. In the mean time, we are facing very serious situations....and what we end up with is a mailroom clerk wondering if he's just been poisoned or not.

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