thank you all and chris
Posted 2003-02-10 4:59 PM (#2036)
Subject: thank you all and chris


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thank you all for your kind words of support for the graphic ideas i have been working on for the site.....  but just like in the movies how the star gets all the glory while the ones who are doing the main work seem to get less applause........... i would like to say that the appearance of a site is an important factor........ but truly......... chris turttle deserves all the applause.

he is the one who has brought nwffacim into the hi tech communication age with so many pumping apps that only a few really know what an artistry he has created under the guiding influence of paul. i only want to embellish the gem that has already been engineered.

my hat goes off to you chris........ for your vision and your commitment. it is an honor and a privilege to be able to add my note to the symphony you already got going on. you are the maestro......... i'm just playing in the band.              

only love*

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