What my Guidance is about the message of the Cours
Posted 2003-01-20 9:40 AM (#108)
Subject: What my Guidance is about the message of the Cours

As soon as I posted my question on Trish's thread, up came the post button. Thank you HS! Now for my observations/comments. My study of the Course and its principles is one of a non-dualistic thought system. There is nothing to "fix" out there in the world, be it famine, war, disease, lack, corrupt governments, etc etc. Whenever there seems to be a problem "out there" it is my responsibility to look inward and ask HS or Jesus to help heal my mind, where the problem/cause really is. Non-duality means to me that there is no bad, good, healthy/sick, rich/poor, masculine/feminine traits, etc. If I keep allowing myself to get caught up in these things, I am not utilizing what the Course is trying to teach me but still in duality where there will always be war, conflict, lack, sickness etc etc. and there goes the Peace I desire. There is a song that states a fact, "Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me." I do realize that everyone is exactly where they are in the "waking up" process however and as I end this post I suddenly realize I have also become caught in the ego by even registering an opinion, lol. 
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