War, peace, the fence, the truth

Posted 2003-02-09 8:50 PM (#1980 - in reply to #1978)
Subject: RE: War, peace, the fence, the truth

Even more thinking going on now, or maybe as Carson puts it, the enquiring mind, perhaps my mind is willing to try and see the whole picture and even in trying is getting a slightly better look at it.

When I think of how Military was my life, my father in it for his life, me schooled in it, then joined up for a few years, of the nationalistic mindwashing that went on, the need to die for Queen and country..... WHY!!! a question one never asked of course. Look at history.....todays bitter enemy tomorrows seductive bedmate. ......pattern after pattern after pattern...... Loss of life.think on the men of the Galippoli campaign being mown down mercilessly by the Turks, whilst the very proper English Gentlemen generals sat on their ships and drank tea!

Think of the world hero Sir Winston Churchill who ordered English troops to fire on men women and children at the gates of Scotch Colliery, Tonypandy, the Welsh Mining valley of the Rhondda, in 1913..... the same man who diverted ship loads of weapons from the NZ and other troops about to land on the shores of Crete, to his own english soldiers going to north africa...... the English sub leutenant who blocked the only entrance out of a town square in (I think) Lahore India in about 1952, and opened fire from his light tank, so that many jumped down a well some hundred feet deep, in order to escape the bullets, and this man recieved a slap on the wrist for "not cricket, me lad, poor behavior".

Think of more recent conflicts of the thousands of good men and women of all races that died in Vietnam, that were crippled, maimed and spat upon, think of the legacy of hate and venom that we live with from that, Think on Angola, on South Africa, on East Timor, and the list is endless.

And perhaps even greater.think on what the west has done where the economic and political rewards have not been so enticing...... the countless countries that perpetrate human abuse, in fact lets consider Hitler....the worlds biggest criminal? Nope....Stalin killed more people, more genocide, than Hitler, but to his own people, and behind a veil of secrecy. Does the west stand as the worlds hero, lily white and stain free, adamanat in its pursuit of peace? NO IT DOESNT. It picks and chooses its targets, and ignores the millions of others. The blood is thick and the crust hard on the apron of the self righteous.

SO, am I saying Bush, Howard, and Major are wrong? am I saying that Iraq and its leader are right? and should go on their merry way? NO.... I am saying lets stop this madness at its core, lets participate as Raj says, not in the war/peace crap.........but in healing the thought system that perpetrates such hatred and violance.........lets address the issue, the cause not the effect.

Lets determine to seek only for Gods love, and only for ChristVision, I pray

"May Holy Spirit, help me today, to see not only my own mistakes, but the mistakes of my brother, as the hopeless illusion of the ego. Let me see the truth of my brother, and Love ALL my brothers, yes even Saddam Hussein, and please God, let me help to heal the cause of this madness, tell me what to do this day Father, for my soul weeps " Amen.



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