War, peace, the fence, the truth

Posted 2003-02-09 3:24 PM (#1950)
Subject: War, peace, the fence, the truth

Hi guys

Since Robbieh's post on the "war" and the many replies I have been thinking (dumb thing too do I think.Doh!, LOL)

It seems to me, that a fence has two sides...... hmm limits possibilities doesn't it!

These two sides, have only one meaning, a belief in the ways of the past. I thought our task, (mine anyway) was to see another way, a third side, maybe a fourth side, think out of the box. Am I naive??

The power of TV, overrides the power of radio, overrides the power of communique, overrides the power of word of mouth, (a backward look at all the trends of propaganda influence there.) What is the truth?..... We ARE one, or we are many, separated and in need of defense, attack judgment?  

Opting out, sitting on our hands is not the answer, but neither is opting into one of two scenarios based on faulty ego premises. Stephanie's Guidance I think speaks volumes. Thank you Steph.

Then my thoughts turn to the 'facts' as presented. hmm. do they hold water.

Is Robert Mugabe a nice guy? was Pol Pot a nice guy? is the Chinese suppression of Falon Gong members a nice act? Is the guy robbing the checkout girl and shooting an innocent bystander a nice guy? Is the western soldier shooting and raping innocent civilians a nice guy?..... is the Father beating his kids, his wife, a nice Guy.

WAR is not in other countries, it is in our front rooms. it is our actions, every time we think "Jerk!" Terrorism is bred by our thoughts, by our economic actions, our political actions and by the sanctioning of war in the argument we have with our fellow brother. when we act in any way that is not for the higher good, that is an act of terrorism!

Think on this, how did the focus shift from the retribution upon Afghanistan and the terrorists that perpetrated the heinous act of 9 Sept 2001, to Iraq? did Iraq do something different? Although I cant recall, anything specific, doesn't mean I saw it. Hmmm. but I don't think so.... seems to me, that the issue kinda slid across to SH. Why? has he directly threatened the US, or the western world? Is the western world clean of weapons of mass destruction. NO....but the cry is, Oh we only have them as defense...... against WHAT! the government of this day, may not be the government of tomorrow....... can any of us know the war/peace mindset of those with the power to destroy sections of the globe!

The physical issue (if there is one) is surely, what are the wounds that make another steal, rape, murder, fly planes into buildings, wage war. We all know the answer....Ego and the thought of separation. Irritation a thin veil hiding intense rage!

Think on the greater war, that of the war on poverty, think on the 10% of the worlds population that controls 90% of the worlds wealth, Think on the starving children in our own countries, think on the millions being persecuted for free thought, (and that one can include if you wish, the acim copyright issues). NO, war is not between the US coalition and Iraq, war is between two thought systems, one that doesn't exist.

The only possible answer is to step right outside the seeming issues and to vote with the only thing there is ........LOVE.

I AM stepping off the fence, off the mindset, and praying......that is what I can do, and that is what I will do, as well as write letters. Pathetic? maybe, but I think prayer is the most and indeed the only thing that can heal.

Stuff the thinking, it hurts........today I determine to find peace....in my soul.


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