A diamond for the bride
Posted 2003-02-09 1:40 PM (#1928)
Subject: A diamond for the bride

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In following on to know God....to be open to receive His truth and to move in his Love.....consider a diamond.....

A diamond is cut in facets...giving it many planes or sides....which is the way truth is.

2 plus 2 equals 4 is the truth....but it falls way short of being the truth of the subject of mathematics.

We think we are paying our full attention to the diamond....but the only facet of the truth of the diamond that one wants to consider is the one catching the light....we become so convinced that the diamond sparkles.... being entranced by it's beauty .... that we completely miss the point that there is much more sparkle to be had......

We do not misinterpret the sparkle.... we merely stop short of the full interpretation of the diamond.

The diamond is the Will of God.....let us not become so enraptured with the beauty of one facet....that we miss the Light as it changes its focus.

Loving you in the Christ Light......charles
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