My guidance on the subject of war
Stefanie Finn
Posted 2003-02-09 7:09 AM (#1890)
Subject: My guidance on the subject of war


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Question for my guidance:

I was noticing a thread down below addressing war...and as you know I haven't followed much news coverage on the war, but I want to ask you:

What can you say about war?


Our goal is to go to the highest truth when addressing war or anything else for that matter, not because we don't recognize that you suffer from falsely percieved fears and immediate dangers, but because we know that none of the fear and impending danger you're attached to is Real....therefore we're incapable of dabbling in it, for its own sake. It doesn't have a sake (aim, cause or advantage).

Our job is to lift you to the truth, so you don't dabble in meaningless pursuits--based on lovelesss thinking-- yourself, mistakingly believing that the pursuits are getting you anywhere.

The only truth about war was and ever will be:
*Love is the only thing going on.*

You've been very wise not to watch a lot of the media coverage lately. Your soul knows it's all a substitute for God, and that it's not really going on.

We know when you asked the question about war you were expecting something different, something more specific about what to do about the situation "out there."

Let us assure you, the only thing TO do is Love, yourself, your guides, each other, and God. It's all one.

There IS nothing else.

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