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Posted 2003-02-09 3:08 AM (#1878 - in reply to #1871)
Subject: RE: by the way Dougie.......

OH! Ooops.(nmi) ummm ok Rissey thanks

Oh the poor lonely aussie boy, isolated by distance and a chat room no one is in, Oh woe is me.

No body loves me, everybody hates me,
Think I'll go and eat worms,
Lot thin squiggly ones,
short fat squidgy ones,
and ones that wriggle and squirm.

Okay okay, I am going to take my medication (dougy thinks hard, cant remember where it is)

Today is a good, day, for it is the only day there is.
The wise ones amongst us, write tombes and poems, 
Other ones, sit and dream of flowers and cream, and butterflies,
and then there is me, who doesnt know up from down,
sometimes crazy, sometimes wearing a frown,
but what the heck, there aint a lot in the lump above my neck,
cept a whole lot of loving, and a whole lot of fun,

I think I like this day, sitting on my bum!

LOL Douglas.

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