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Subject: RE: I hope I am shaking things up a bit....

Hi Robbieh

You are jumping on which side of which fence, brother?....... do you see the fence as polarised, as dual, one side this, the other side that? either the beliefe in truth is whole or it is not at all. there can be no half way meet here.

T-23.I.1. The memory of God comes to the quiet mind. 2 It cannot come where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness. 3 The means of war are not the means of peace, and what the warlike would remember is not love. 4 War is impossible unless belief in victory is cherished. 5 Conflict within you must imply that you believe the ego has the power to be victorious. 6 Why else would you identify with it? 7 Surely you realize the ego is at war with God. 8 Certain it is it has no enemy. 9 Yet just as certain is its fixed belief it has an enemy that it must overcome and will succeed.

T-23.I.2. Do you not realize a war against yourself would be a war on God? 2 Is victory conceivable? 3 And if it were, is this a victory that you would want? 4 The death of God, if it were possible, would be your death. 5 Is this a victory? 6 The ego always marches to defeat, because it thinks that triumph over you is possible. 7 And God thinks otherwise. 8 This is no war; only the mad belief the Will of God can be attacked and overthrown. 9 You may identify with this belief, but never will it be more than madness. p486 10 And fear will reign in madness, and will seem to have replaced love there. 11 This is the conflict's purpose. 12 And to those who think that it is possible, the means seem real.

Who is this "other self" that he talks about..... I see that when we see Saddam Hussein or George Bush, or Doug Sinclair, or Robbieh as the other, we see that which is one, as separated.

Acim is not a 'nice' thought system. it is the way to peace. I am not wise in the words of the course, or for that matter words of any philisophical book, but I dont see the words in the course as words, I see them as guide posts, to help us to a better place. Can we say "Oh hold on a moment, I just want to fight this war, then get back to you. Once we have triumphed over the antiChrist Saddam, then I can start to love my brothers"

Yes you have stimulated thought in me for sure Robbieh, but maybe not so good, is an inner sadness that even here, the seeming temptation to want to triumph over another (even if that is with the best of intentions) appears to kidnap the higher good within you, and shackles you to such a useless pursuit. I apolagise if I offend. You are my brother, and I love you, I pray for peace.

Perhaps you may like to read the two posts I put up, regarding the fence war and peace. I would welcome your veiw, your open veiw.


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