A different view on Iraq
Posted 2003-02-09 9:22 PM (#1984 - in reply to #1851)
Subject: I hope I am shaking things up a bit....


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It is making people think.

Would you all smile speaking words of wisdom and love while right in front of you a person was being beaten and robbed? Or would you jump in and try to help the "victim"? Sometimes love is not "pretty" or "beautific" (if that is a real word). Love DOES heal. But how can we help our brothers find love and healing if we let them die right in front of us and do nothing? Is that love? Really?

I too saw documentaries on the last Gulf war. They made me sick to my stomach. So did the pictures of mothers laying in the streets holding their babies after being gassed to death by Saddam Hussein. The U.S. has never done that.

We are guilty of greed yes but not of genocide. We are not very nice to one another but our government doesn't kill us just because they can. The world will not be at peace unless someone stands up and says NO to that kind of thing. Once we put an end to despots like Saddam and what's his name in North Korea, we can ask the people there, how can we help you? And we better be there acting with love... putting our words where our mouth is.
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