I'm very very sad tonight
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hi again jennie~

because there is so little thought discipline going on on this world......... all the thoughts that we put out  . . . .good or bad . . . call in a witness that is available to carry out our requests. it is called 'demand causation'.  because minds are joined....... we are all intircately interrelated in the thought life of each other. we are really One Mind manifesting in multiplicity.

i would like to offer this excerp from a theard initiated by ammi on the topic at the time of the maryland sniper. it is for me an explanation of the seeming horrors which manifest

{{there are no idle thoughts. EVERY thought weighs in the balance and either is contributing to the distortion or unveiling heaven.

this wondrous mind.....believing itself to be just part of the ongoing chaos......unaware that every thought was manifesting.......entertains a thought of violence towards the guy at the gas station who cut in front of him. "if i had a gun, i'd blow that guy away."

later in the week......it gets aggravated at the lady at the grocery store and in its mind says, "pow.....i'd like to blow your head off."

watching tv.......various scenarios of violence call to mind other little offenses that this great mind feels the victim of and again it plays with thoughts of violence.

it tucks its "private" little thoughts of violence away......thinking them just idle thoughts and goes on about the duties of the moment.

but these thoughts have power as do all thoughts. out there unattended.....they find their perpetrator in one open to their suggestion. and so a sniper is born and the brilliant mind.......thinking violent thoughts......watches the horror stories on tv and shakes its head.

how terrible. how tragic. and never does it see that IT is responsible for initiating the attacks through its undisciplined thought.

fortunately this spectacular mind begins to awaken to demand causation and realizes the effects of its thoughts on all manifestation. and so begins conscious effort to engage only loving thoughts........healing thoughts.....thoughts of peace and abundance.....thoughts of Oneness and NOW wholeness.

as this brilliant mind begins to accept responsibility for the chaos and violence in the world and changes its mind and focus to create the happy dream instead of the nightmare it thought bore no connection to its own thoughts.....the chaos and violence begin to cease and joy and perfect order begin to evidence themselves in alignment with its happy ordered thoughts.

the world made in madness begins to fade as the true creation of the Kingdom of Heaven shines through in all its splendor.

and so the disharmony of the world is disarmed.....one conscious responsible thought at a time. and this brilliant mind in clarity and peace joins with the Thought of the Creator and in a moment......all that was.......is as if it had never been......for this brilliant mind was created perfect and forgot in slumber why it is here. what its function is as a Thought in the Mind of God which is LOVE.}}

all that seems so chaotic and contrary to what God would give . . . are the effects of our undisciplined thinking. we change the world one conscious loving thought at a time.


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