Am Curious . .A question . ..for ACIM/Raj students

Posted 2003-02-09 3:47 PM (#1953 - in reply to #1891)
Subject: Thanks Trish (nmi)

Ta Trish,

You know its funny, but after searching the disc and looking for the references that would show me, Jesus tells us, that the body dies, I began to get a glimmer of my misperception.... I went into MDC chat, and asked a couple of people where it says we do....and that raised a few thoughts, then I started asking; why?, like why does the body have to die, and of course there is no answer, other than we 'believe' in ageing, in a begginning and an end, but then percieve the spirit as a seperate entity within the body... HMmm..... slowly I began to get a 'feel' for what you said, and a peace about it........I think you have opened another door for me, one which I step through gladly. I am still working through it, but with joy more than confusions now....... I don't have to die! I like that.... I like that a lot!.

Thanks a million Trish.

PS: am I using this (nmi) thing right, Rissey told me about it, but I dont think I understood correctly. hahaha


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