Am Curious . .A question . ..for ACIM/Raj students
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Subject: RE: Am Curious . .A question . ..for ACIM/Raj stud


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Hi Trish,
Thanks for this thread.
I believe like you that I do not have to die.And I first voiced this belief many years ago when I heard Raj say this in a tape.
However my friends and family quite frankly think I'm a bit of a nut with my unswerving belief in ALL of the Raj teachings.
I am told that it is my point of view, which is a polite way of telling me to shut up!!
It really is extremly difficult to swim against the current
on your own.(how I envy those sperm!)
I share Raj's teachings as and when I can, but I have found that sometimes it is better to teach by example, i.e. by simply getting my hands dirty, than by throwing my pearls before swine.
Sweet Thoughts

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