Am Curious . .A question . ..for ACIM/Raj students
Posted 2003-02-08 2:28 PM (#1782 - in reply to #1781)
Subject: RE: Am Curious . .A question . ..for ACIM/Raj stud

Location: The Kingdom of Heaven
let me get this clear Carson

Are you saying you are "shouting this truth from the rooftops of your life"? . . are you telling others this? Because from what Raj is saying, you can't believe this by yourself and remain quiet about it.

Since the scriptures say "it is done according to your word" my feeling is we begin this awakening process by verbally disagreeing. . we've got to publically give our vote. Declare our position. Stand resolute in our conviction of what is true!

Is this what you are actively engaged in?


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