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Subject: belief in illusion


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hi trish~

good question and nice to have an extension from thursday's meeting.

{{Now I'm wondering how many here believe they literally don't have to go thru physical death . . that they actually can do the things Jesus did (when He was here) and greater things and are actively engaged in bringing this forth.}}

i do not believe we have to go through physical death...... it is perhaps the longest standing mutually agreed upon definition going. we are meant to do all the things the Jesus did and in fact He says we are capable of more since His resurrection. that leads me to feel that our abilities are only limited to our beliefs in them. if we believe in death...... we will surely die,. if we believe in the ongoing Gifts of the Spirit as part of our equipment......... we are healers in the purest sense of the word.

the urantia book talks about "translation" as being another option to physical death. interestingly..... the course talks about "translating the world into heaven" in much the same way.

esoteric thoughts suggests that we are here to redeem ALL of  our "dense creation" through the mind aligned in perfect sync with the Mind of God. it suggests that we will do this as a unified Human Brotherhood for ALL of the lower kingdoms........ animal, vegetable, and mineral. it also suggests that the deva or angelic kingdom with move forward in the "wake" of our spiritual transfiguration.

Raj spends a lot of time on "mutually agreed upon definitions" it's my guess that that is the key clue......... recognizing them for what they actually "aren't" and turning to the Altar to get the True scoop.

good topic.

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