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Raj excerpt - Princeville 1994 -- Transformation
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Posted 2011-07-04 5:48 PM (#155010)
Subject: Raj excerpt - Princeville 1994 -- Transformation
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Raj – Princeville, Hawaii  1994 

QUESTION:  I have one last body question, if I might?  On January 11th something began to happen in my own body, which was like a major realignment, and it seems to be continuing.  What is that about?

ANSWER:  Spontaneous healing.  Embrace it as such.  Do not resist it, and do not imagine otherwise.  You passed over a threshold of significant lessening of doubt, and significant increase of trust, generally speaking.  And so your perception of your body is shifting into closer alignment with what is true.  

I’m glad you asked this question.  I want everyone to realize that something really is going to happen when you embrace a willingness to see everything with new eyes.  Adjustments are going to occur.  Reconfigurations are going to occur, even as literally as Michael just described it, as a realignment of his bones. 

It is not all a head trip.  It’s not all just thoughts.  But it is the disappearance of the evidence of disease.  And it is events of realignment of your physical structure.  It is the disappearing of faulty elimination.  It does constitute real evidential change. 

“Oh, well, I didn’t expect that now.  I’m very happy if I just get a new and more wonderful perception of everything, but if there are going to be actual changes that I didn’t realize, I’m not so sure I want that.  That’s a little scary.” 

Well, it’s not a little scary if it’s cancer that’s there.  You’ll take that.  But what if you’re a little short-waisted?  That’s not a disease.  And all of your clothes fit your short waist.  But what happens if reconfiguration occurs and a more proper symmetry emerges, and you might even hear pops and strange sounds as your short waist gets longer—not exactly as you saw it in “The Fly,” but real change. 

Symmetry and beauty and balance is your Birthright.  That is not left for the creations of a sculptor to bring out in marble.  And as you Awaken there is what the Course calls the coming forth of the happy dream, which comes before waking up. 

And so, you need to embrace the possibility, please, that it is going to be something more than just a new frame of reference, a totally mental shift that has nothing to do with your body or with the world.  Every single tree you see, every object you see, its substance is light.  It is radiating light at this very moment.  The illumination in this room is magnificent at this very moment, because it isn’t the way you’re seeing it at this moment, as dense and dark, unmoving, unalive, etc.  Illumination is Soul satisfying, and all of the Meanings of it are Soul satisfying. 

As you begin to see it more clearly, you will find that you can pass through the wall, or if it serves purpose, you can simply float down into the restaurant downstairs and have a bite to eat.  And you will not be limited in the way that you are at the moment.  You’re going to have new experiences.  And the beauty, the artistry of God, the infinite harmony of His self-expression will apply to you. 

And so, if your legs are too long for your torso, and your head is too small for your body, and there is not utter artistry and beauty that would be recognizable to everyone, then you can expect to have changes occur, and experiences of growing that were absolutely normal to you from birth to, let us say, twenty-three or twenty-four years old.  My God, you looked forward to being able to jump up and touch the top of the doorway finally.  And you knew that you were going to get taller, longer, if you will, and also have more strength in your muscles.  And you knew one day you would be able to do it.  Or reach the low branch on the tree without standing on something. 

Be ready for change.  Be ready for balance and order and symmetry and alignment, etc.  Be ready for evidences of these, because ultimately you are going to see everything as it is, and it is going to be beautiful.  And whether or not you can phantom the depth of the meaning of the word beauty, all of you do recognize what is beautiful. 

Your dreams have not caused you to lose all awareness of what is beautiful, what is loving, what is perfect.  You are none of you totally asleep.  But please, embrace in your consideration of your spiritual Awakening that what you have called the physical is not going to be left behind, because as we’ve discussed now the last two days, there ain’t no physical to be left behind.  There’s the discovery of the fact that it was all mind to begin with.  It’s a different way of looking at it.

How many of you have watched science fiction movies, or read science fiction books, and read of force fields that you could turn on with the flick of a switch that would create walls, or a platform that you could stand on?  Well, and you say, “Wow, that would be neat!  I would know we were making progress.  And it would be exciting to be able to experience a force field.”  Well, you know what?  The piece of glass in this window is nothing but a force field.  And I’m using that example because it has the least density to it, you can see through it, it’s as though it isn’t there, and yet you can lean on it.  Well, you say, “Yea, but it’s glass and it has certain thickness, and because of its physical properties it supports me, even though it looks like nothing is there.” 

Well, that’s not correct.  It is a force field.  You’re already experiencing force fields, because all there is to it is an energy pattern that has a certain intent, and it fulfills that intent.  And I’ll tell you the moment the intent is withdrawn, it wouldn’t break, it simply wouldn’t have any density anymore.

The future is here.  The Kingdom of Heaven is here.  You simply need to wake up to it by having a willingness to let, for lack of better words, a new interpretation in.  It isn’t a good word, because you use interpretations for the purpose of becoming definite about something.  And as we have been saying for the last two days, you need to learn how to ride the indefinite wave that is moving, and by virtue of its movement is indefinite, but also by virtue of its movement is identifiable as a wave.

So, be willing to, and be ready for the experience.  Be willing to embrace and be ready for the experience of real change as part of your spiritual path, or as part of your Awakening.  It isn’t all going to be metaphysical.  It’s going to be whole, embracing everything, because the division of everything into spirit and matter never really occurred, except in the imagination, and a mutual agreement to adopt that belief and behave as though it were true.  And down through the centuries belief upon belief has been added to that mutual agreement that didn’t even make sense in the beginning, and didn’t express truth in the beginning.

So again, be ready for literal change.  That’s the way you’re going to find out that the world is mental, that it’s all Mind.  And therefore there isn’t any polarity.  Nothing has to be resisted, nothing has to be gotten away from.  And as that becomes clearer, you will let down your defenses.  You will not justify denial of the world.  And you will no longer engage in attack on the world by virtue of your definite conviction that it isn’t God, and therefore is utterly undesirable, and utterly illusory.

Something is going on, but your perception of it is not what it is.  And your perception of it is deluded.  And when you believe your delusion, your delusion becomes an illusion.  And it is only in that sense that you can say that the body and the world are illusions.  They are delusions about something Real that you believe are true.  And what you believe is true is an illusion.  The minute you withdraw your belief in it, it stops being an illusion and becomes a delusion.  And from that standpoint it is actually easier to abandon the delusion. 

As long as you believe the delusion is fact, you will make commitment to that delusion, and now you are caught in illusion.  And because of the conviction necessary for delusion to become illusion, it is more difficult to shift, to yield to something other than that illusion. 

Now you may think that I am playing with words here, but I am actually being very specific so as to allow a path for the mind that wants to reason everything out, to have an escape route and can reasonably dare to say, “The world may be Real, it may all be mind, and everything may all be mental, nothing solid to it in terms of physical matter.”

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