A Story about Letting Go
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Subject: RE: A Story about Letting Go

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Jeanette's wonderful experience reminds me of the story about an ol' boy who was thrown from his horse at the edge of a cliff. He went over the edge and in desperation reached out and caught hold of a bush growing out of the side of the cliff.....there he was clinging for dear life to a bush. He heard a voice from on High say, "Let go."

Now as long as he was on his trusty steed....holding the reines, he was in control.....clinging to that bush, he was still in control.....but wait just a darn minuet....if he was so in control....how did he end up over that cliff?
The control he can maintain hanging on to that bush is dependant on factors beyond his control....How deep is the root system on that shrub?....how long will his strength hold out?

How much control will he maintain if he obeys the command to let go?....To "LET" is to obey the prime directive....it was the first Word uttered by the Almighty when He set this whole creation in the flow of it's movement...."GO".... is not a negitive Word....there can be no positive movement for you without it.....The up or down of any situation is your choice(control).....Jeanette moved into the "Go"flow of creation which is always "up" with her decision to "Let."
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