A Story about Letting Go

Posted 2003-02-08 10:08 AM (#1748)
Subject: A Story about Letting Go

hello all,

I've been involved in a couple of law suits.

One of them which has gone on for over a year, and has drained me emotionally, psychologically, and more. It has been a hassle. It was confirmed to me the case was going to trial in Philadelphia, beginning on February 10th.


I didn't want to be involved anymore. This had been terribly time consuming, and besides, I'd actually have to buy something to wear to court.

It was a multi-million dollar case, and the review and response of materials, frankly, annoying.

I fought the thing the whole way.

I enjoyed meeting with my attorney, a rather nice guy; however, but it all just seemed so ominous and out of my control.

Well, Friday, I gave in. I told Jesus that fine, I'd go to the mall buy a couple of outfits for the upcoming week in court, and cooperate fully with the attorneys.

I further told Jesus I knew this wasn't about the case, but simply something I knew I needed to do, and whatever outcomes appeared for me, I would effortlessly take His hand, and move along.


I made the final decision: Participate with Joy.

I emailed the attorney, and asked him exactly what I should and could do for him next week.

I totally gave in, gave up, and decided to simply enjoy the ride.

5 minutes later my attorney emailed me, told me the case had just been settled, and thanking me for my participation.

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