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This beautiful poem was shared in a thread below and I don't want anyone to miss it. It is so lovely and timely.fficeffice" />>>

Much love and appreciation to John for sharing this. >>

And love and hugs to All from me too,>>


Instead of War Let’s Each Choose Peace
How come between the All of Us
No need of time, or space, or fuss ?
Yet in my thinking comes confusion
So with my eyes I see illusion
How then do I correct my sight
That I see Life is not a fight ?
It must be instead of part
I choose the Whole within my Heart
It’s easy there to see we’re One
That we’re all joined in Life for fun -
Confusion ended NOW it’s clear
Life’s more than this world does appear
Instead of war let’s each choose Peace
Wherein all time and space do cease
And You and I where e’er we be
Will know what’s true and thus be free
Let’s all extend this Love we Are
To brothers sisters near or far
Feel joined to every girl and boy
And See again Life filled with Joy.

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