The Lover
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Subject: Ego


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how about this. As long as we see ourselves as lovers, sisters, mothers, uncles, etc.etc., you know, the mutually agreed upon definitions of who we think we are, then we cannot be the Father's children nor be children, the Brother & Sisters, to each other.

aren't we told to enter the kingdom as little children...

given a choice whether to be Jesus' lover, mother, or sister, I'd pick lover/friend/husband because I still see myself as quite a physical/ego person vs more of a spiritual person (can't walk through matter, etc.), and the reason for the pick is because with this special type of relationship the 2 can become 1 (no one else is let in - ego loves to exclude) to again become 2, having gained more independence/freedom/sanity then before, so now we can more easily embrace others & eventually embrace all others (hopefully sooner than later) until we are then each others keepers or each others brothers and sisters, until we are the Father's children...the Father's children in whom He is well pleased.

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