The Lover
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Subject: lover and beloved


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a divine love story........

The relationship of Radha and Krishna is the embodiment of love, passion and devotion. Radha's passion for Krishna symbolizes the soul's intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with God. Radha's utterly rapturous love for Krishna and their relationship, symbolizes this quest for union. This kind of love is of the highest form of devotion, and is symbolically represented as the bond between the wife and husband or beloved and lover.

The relationship between Radha and Krishna is the example of the highest and purest love, an indissoluble union of the highest intermingling and completion; it is also a love expressed through music.

Krishna represents the private life of the Absolute. In this relationship Love reigns supreme as Krishna surrenders to Radha. Krishna is lovestruck while Radha has taken over control. He has surrendered to the Power of Love. The supreme object of devotion, Krishna, worships the highest devotion, Radha. The zenith of Radha and Krishna's love affair is the circular dance of love which points to the highest potential of the soul.

this is the source of our passion and desire......... this is the joining we seek in sexual pleasure. it is all a symbol of deep eternal devotion and love.


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