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Posted 2003-02-08 11:40 PM (#1852 - in reply to #1775)
Subject: RE: OK, Just sold another one!!!

Dont have anything to sell, yet.....(break out the woodworking tools and participate then dougy!) .thought: Unless its my body!! oh oh problem there, I would have to pay them..throw that one away. Hmmm  OH big fat pay check sitting in bank.....okay lets give some of it away.... the bills can wait... (they love the line "OH so sorry, I missed that one, can I pay you next week? hahah) and I always do.

Its so easy to forget, that this wonderful forum stands not by itself, so here comes $100 aussie dollars. (Telstra suck your thumb !!!)

Cheers for the reminder and your wonderful way of helping Veronica, also thanks for the yarn on the chat room, you would not believe it, after panicking about time, and then sound, all was working fine, Raj had just said good evening, and an ex Para student of mine turned up on the door. LOL still I recorded it into MP3 in live time, and have listened to it twice now.

See Ya


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