A new way to support the Foundation
Posted 2003-02-07 12:48 PM (#1672)
Subject: A new way to support the Foundation

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Hello everyone,

As many of you know, I own a retail store.  A while ago Guidance told me that I should pick a product and donate the profits from the sale of that product to the Foundation.

It took me a bit to get on this bandwagon as my store can use every bit of income I can get right now ---- or so the ego says.

So, I decided to make this commitment.  When I sell this certain item, I will donate the $50, which would normally be the 'profit',  to the Foundation.

Last night, I got an order for 2 of these. The customer has paid and the credit card has been run.  So I will send the Foundation $100 today. 

In completing this transaction, the customer asked if I had another product he has been looking for.  I do and he is considering buying it.  If he does, I will make a significant 'profit'. Which will make a big dent in the monthly expenses.

I believe that this customer came to me because I made this commitment and that I am getting further business from him because it is the Father's Good Pleasure To Give Me the Kingdom.  Today the Kingdom looks a little bit like money to pay bills!

I asked what I could do to help and this is what I was told.  I will keep you posted on how it goes.




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