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Stefanie Finn
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Subject: Vincente.


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I've known Vincente for almost four years now....and he's most certainly one of a kind.

He's the type of man whose Spirit is conveyed not through words--if the truth be known, I usually don't understand a word that comes out of his mouth--but through unspoken soul energy.

And the energy falls on you in the form of heart-tugging romantic innocence and earthy wisdom.

He has a way of saying something (in 5 words or less ) in such a way that effects you for ever.

I gradually gave up drinking alcohol over the past two years, and one night myself and Vincente were catering together at a party, when Vincente offered me a glass of wine. I explained that I had stopped drinking....to which he replied:

"you like yourself more."

I was stunned at these simple, beautiful words and the effect they had will be forever etched in my Christ mind. Even now, when I'm tempted to buy a bottle of wine, I think of his words and they bring me back on track.

So Vincente, I'm rooting for you, my pretty, and loving you, no matter what your soul decides.

Love Stef

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