wah hoppy!!!!????
Posted 2003-02-07 9:05 AM (#1652)
Subject: wah hoppy!!!!????

good morning, everyone!

haven't been here a lot lately ... so much going on in 'real' life that needs my attention.

here's one of the clearer  healing unfoldments involving a dear brother whom some of you remember as 'the mad tree cutter' from peru (sandra will anyway, vicente, since that moment 9 years ago when we met because he needed a family and sponsor to remain in canada ... and not understanding his broken english, he wrote,  "my God say you help me" ... i, along with the hundreds of people he has since become family to  ... bless the day this beautiful man came into our life.

now, while it's true, heaven obviously favoured  vicente with more talents than most ... he sculptures, paints, cooks, works with wood, and as we say here in newfieland ... can put an arse in a cat ... it is also true that he shares these gifts of his time and talent with so many,  in an incredible variety of ways. for instance, vicente has for the 9 years  he's been here, volunteered as cook at 'the gathering place' run by the sisters of mercy ... offering a delicious hot meal to anyone who needs it. there usually feed between 40 and 60 people daily.

but  like many of us here these  days od "crossing the difficulties", vicente is meeting with an opportunity to accept his healing ... on monday passed after undergoing very painful tests in the hospital ... the doctor told him there is evidence of cancer in the outter wall of his lung and chemotherapy treatment is recommended.

my response to the news shocked me ...  i absolutely knew it wasn't real!! i don't mean i applied any course or Raj teaching consciously ... i simply knew it wasn't real or true simply because it didn't make sense! have you ever had that feeling ... where you hear someone say something and you just know it's not true? ... like there must be a perfectly good explanation for what seems to be? well that was my, as natural as can be, response to hearing vicente had the c thingy.

soon after hearing this, as Spirit directed, i sat to know what part i am to play in vicente's healing ... what i got surprised me again ... but this time i laughed out loud.

i heard, this is an opportunity for  many to experience a miracle ... you will 'hold' /represent the miracle -readiness of everyone involved. vicente is truly loved and deeply valued by many ... it will be easy for them to seek and open to another way of seeing this ... they won't let the thought of cancer take him without challenging the idea of his/their victimhood ...

with that ... i 'saw' 4 doctors standing around looking with amazement at something like an x-ray or a piece of paper ...as in chorus they said ... WAH HOPPY!!!!????

well vicente's english hasn't improved much over the 9 years he's been in canada (recently, after 8 years of numerous applications court hearings and appeals,  he was finally accepted as a landed immigrant) ... but the good part is many of us have learned to 'read his mind' ... so now when vicente is surprised beyond belief and says WAH HOPPY!!! ... we know he means ... what happened!! it must be a miracle. so isn't it  wonderful that vicente  is going to have a miracle ... and through him we are all going to experience a miracle! thank you, God!!!

oh, one more thing ... if you should find vicente or any of this post in your mind today and in the near future ... please do see those doctors (ystda vicente said as tho his case was very important ..."lady olinda!! you know how many doctors i have!!?? FOUR!!) being surprised beyond belief ... saying, WAH HOPPY!!

namaste ... with love, orinda

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