From Jeshua
Posted 2003-01-19 10:07 PM (#88)
Subject: From Jeshua


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Beloved one, to bring yourself to the quiet place of the Heart, allow the breath to slow, to deepen. The simplicity of one deep breath restores to you the opportunity to abide in the center of your Being. Focusing on the breath, watching the breath, allowing the breath with ease, you may abide in meditation. With practice, you may extend the time spent in meditation, until you find yourself abiding in peace amidst the activity of your day.

In each moment of your timing practice the presence of knowing the peace that passes the understanding of the world. In every activity that you would do, pause for a moment and ask, "Who is doing this activity? Who is breathing? Who is moving? Who is touching?" Be very present with whatever you are doing and know that that Presencre is the Life of your Father upon this plane.

When you behold another and you smile at them in greeting, pause and ask yourself, "Who is smiling?" and know that it is your Heavenly Father expressing upon this plane as you. Each word of support, of respect, of honor is the word of Love of the Heavenly Father. Each step that you take is a step that He takes. In each moment practice the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Wholeness. Practice the Presence of Love, of Who and What you are.

The Love that I am is the Love that you are. The smile that you extend is the Love that we are. The innocence of the eye is the innocence of the holy Child of the Heavenly Father, and there is no separation.

So be it.
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