Bible curious

Posted 2003-02-05 6:26 PM (#1524)
Subject: Bible curious

I am curious,

as a person who only came to the course 13 months ago, and having never in my conscious experience in this life, ever had any contact with spirituality, and also from a child had a deep resentment, perhaps even anger, towards Christianity in its taught form, of a God of wrath and retribution etc, I find that there are frequent quotes from the Bible.

Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the person who finds their peace in fundamental christianity, or any other belief system, but it makes me wonder to what I should be listening to for my best growth from the lost spirit I was, to one who is slowly awakening.

In particular Rissey quoted John 2: 13-16 which is often used by some in other forums, to point out that Jesus was angry and not loving at times, and therefore justify there own apparant anger, which to me is an anathema (think thats the right word LOL)

I am most curious, because I thought the bible, were records written by men, of events and activities of Jesus, and in essence then a historical record, prone to unconscious ego distortion. The course on the other hand, was scribed over many years and is, the Direct voice of Jesus, thus not prone to the basic flaw, except perhaps in the final editing of certain versions. So do I fool myself by disregarding the bible and its connotations of wrong minded teaching over the years, in favour of the course alone?

I hope that someone can enlighten me here, as I am truly curious.

Thanks all



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