forgiving the dream
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{{{Forgive your brother for what he did not do}}}

This is the key to true forgiveness....Notice that Amm did not say forgive your brother for what he did......It is impossible unless one is forget what someone did....but you can keep from having the same reoccuring dream.

Once a guy beat me out of 10'000 dollars....loseing this kind of money has the potential of become a reoccuring
nightmare....I didn't like what it was doing to me...for a while I could't think(dream) of anything else.

Noone can give you instructions on how to forgive...just like noone can give you instructions on how to wake up from must be something you choose to act
of your will....which in reality is God's will.

I can honestly say...relating the dream I once had of missing money brought not a twinge....It is possible to remember the dream....without dreaming it the guy is one of my friends......refuseing to have dreams is pretty neat......If one refuses to have enough of them..... there is no longer any need to remain asleep.
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