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To Everyone

The following was shared by Raj just prior to the ACIM Study Group last evening.


Before we have our quiet time, I’ve asked Paul to let me make an announcement.

It has almost been a year and a half since there was a need to share with everyone a request for financial support.  It’s been a wonderful period of time.  During that period of time, many new people have found the website and the materials, and have joined us for the study groups approximately every week.  And many of them have not had the opportunity to learn that the basis for the operation of the Foundation, the manner in which this work is done, is entirely on the basis of Gift.

There is never a charge for anything that we do, or for the sharing of the materials.  And there’s no way to purchase the materials because they are available at no charge.  They are a gift.

I, in the beginning, instructed Paul to set up this activity as a non-profit foundation, corporation, and let him know that no steps would be made to generate income; no grants would be sought; no literature or materials would be sold—that every aspect of this activity would have to happen on the basis of a voluntary expression of gratitude, whether it’s the fact that Paul participates with me as an expression of gratitude for the truth that he’s hearing, or that the support for the activities, since the activities do cost something to carry on, would also have to be on the basis of Gift. Voluntary expressions of gratitude.

Every aspect of this activity is gratitude embodied. 

Now, at the present time contributions have dwindled.  The simple fact is that Paul has not received a paycheck since the next-to-the-last week in July.  There is need for support to take care of the basic operating expenses so that, for lack of better words, Paul does not become distracted through fear or concern and can stay with Gift.  There is no need for the giving of Gift not to be sufficient to meet the need.

Now the simple fact is, as we’ll be discussing a little later, there’s a need for truth to be expressed.  There’s a need for each of you to be able to hear it.  There is a need for each of you to be reminded of it, because although at times you will "catch a wave," as it were, and feel supported in your confidence,  in your faith, there will be other times where your faith will be tested, where doubt will creep in, where circumstances will distract you and seem more valid than the truth that would make you free. Those are the times when you need to be able to hear the truth—literally, to be able to walk to your computer and push the button and listen to a gathering that may have happened back in 1993, or last week’s meeting, [snaps fingers] right there in the middle of the night!  It’s marvelous.

So, I’m taking this time to let everyone know that the need is there.  If you want to think of it as a "fund-raising," fine.  But don’t get too conceptual. I prefer for you to stay in touch with gratitude and act from there.

There will be an announcement, a transcription of what I’ve just said, posted on the Gathering Place and on the Home Page tomorrow, and emailed to everyone on the email list.

The gifts of gratitude that have kept things going for the last twenty-some years are greatly appreciated . . . gratefully received.

Thank you.


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