Michael Jacksons GOT IT !!!!
Posted 2003-02-04 11:37 AM (#1447 - in reply to #1441)
Subject: Hello to you, both


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And thank you for the reminder about "perception" and "eye of the beholder".

I don't watch TV, but ever since I heard of Michael's affliction with Vitiligo (leading, first, to the gloved hand), I've just cut him a LOT of slack.  Like you, Kev, I pray for healing.

And Erica.... some may not feel a discussion of MJ is appropriate here, but who's to say otherwise?  First of all, it fits in perfectly with the theme below, which seems to be: Celebrities We've Never Met, But Love To Speculate About. HA!

And secondly, it stirred your heart to the point where honoring it through expression was important.  THAT'S what I like, and that's the lesson I'm taking with me, today.  Thank you, Erica.  Thank you, Kev.  I love you, both.

~ Ron

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