The Feast of Holy Mary of Magdala
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Subject: RE: The Feast of Holy Mary of Magdala

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This is indeed interesting to read Ammi . .

I don't know if you have heard them, but the tapes of the "Leiston Abbey" Gathering in England in 1996 are some of my favorites. I was there to here the first question which was posed by a very "refined feminine English voice" as she asked Raj about His views on "premarital sex" and "Was He and Mary Magdalene consorts???

His response was wonderful . . you'll have to hear the tapes for the whole premarital sex issue but I'll summarize here as best I can. He said that the real purpose of sex was to identify each other's wholeness to themselves. And that it was to be practiced within the framework of Love. And that if one partner wasn't coming from Love, then the other partner would come away from the experience feeling "less than whole". He indicated that the xperience is sacred and a holy encounter. . and that it can be the closest two people can come to experiencing a taste of "Oneness".

As for the second part of the question, He stated that His relationship with her was nobody's business that it was "between Himself and Her" but He did say He was not celebate. He breathed a sigh when he restated an emphatic "No! I was not celebate".

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