On Mary..... the backstory
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Subject: Mary, John, John, Judas.... now Philip

Hi veronica,

Originally written by Veronica on 2003-02-03 12:07 PM

But, we are getting ahead of the story.  We were talking about John.  John the Babtist, not John the disciple or maybe John the Beloved or Beloved John.  

PS after John(s) can we talk about Judas???????

The Course is a book about relationships.  The ark of heaven is entered two by two. The story in the gospels comes alive when the relationships are explored.

John the baptist leaves the story at this point..... and from here on out shall be referred to as Elijah...... so any further mention of John..... will refer to the beloved disciple of Jesus..... so called Beloved John..... because he is referred to as "the disciple which Jesus loved"......... but this is in the Gospel of John.... lol.

Interesting enough..... i refer to Judas as.... "the disciple who loved Jesus best".

But that is yet ahead in the story....... we're just heading out into the wilderness now.  And i think i will find a little more about mary...... i think there may be something in the gospel of philip.

Peace forever,


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