On Mary..... the backstory
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Subject: RE: Of Mary... Of John.... Of Relationship

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Hello again,

Lol.... i could go on and on how the story plays out in my mind.

I love you,

I am listening.  I am ready to hear.  When you are ready to tell.  I will join you.

The book I finished this morning tells of how Judas (yes, that Judas) was Mary's 'husband' and father of her three children.  How she had a physical (sexual) relationship with him.  With Jesus she had more of an energetic sexual relationship.  That the three of them came here together to play out this design. 

Just thought I would throw that into the mix.

Then, Martha (Mary's sister) came along and Judas went off with her.....

But, we are getting ahead of the story.  We were talking about John.  John the Babtist, not John the disciple or maybe John the Beloved or Beloved John.  

This is a good thread!



PS after John(s) can we talk about Judas???????

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