Rissey.... through my eyes
Posted 2003-02-02 8:27 PM (#1342)
Subject: Rissey.... through my eyes

When i look upon rissey..... what is it i see?  And why is the vision i behold..... so different than that which some others have seen?

Rissey has answered the call to be a Teacher of God....... surely the people here can appreciate the dedication and commitment that such an answer entails. Hasn't anybody noticed that the Course is designed to TRAIN teachers?  Every student is asked to make the decision which rissey had made...... yet so few have answered the call...... so few have given the willingness.

To teach is to learn..... and rissey has decided to learn what God will teach her..... how is this anything but commendable?

Through great effort.... through doing the work..... she has developed her mind in a very powerful way...... and now she has offered this mind to the service of God..... to bring His message to the world.  I have learned much through her already.  She has made a dedicated commitment to service...... she has offered all that she is..... to the futherance of God's Plan.

Who finds fault with that?  I bless her and support her.

Peace forever,


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