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Subject: On Catharsis

Originally written by jod on 2003-02-02 3:28 PM

 It is all very "undercover" still, but she did spend time in France with Beloved John & a lot of others. The Cathers followed her footsteps on the true teachings of our Beloved Jesus, which had NO structure or dogma.

Oh my, yes!  It is said that she established a school in the north of france and made this her residence....... she was very close with John.... who was the biggest advocate in recognizing her annointing.  I think the cathars were in the south of france...... and the school was purposely located away from the community.

I am impressed by how the gnostics used the lack of structure as a spiritual advantage.... which is demonstrated perfectly in their church service.  Each week, all the members of the church would gather at the beginning of the service..... men and women together..... and they would draw straws.... or cast lots.... to determine the clergy for the liturgy and the week.

One would be the bishop..... one would be the celebrant..... one would be the teacher..... and one would be the prophet..... speaking as the Voice for God...... and this order would be determined anew each week...... by God!

Now that.... is enlightenment.

Alas..... the cathars too were all murdered by constatine's church..... and all their scriptures burned.

Peace forever,

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