The Urantia Book
Posted 2003-02-02 7:31 AM (#1259)
Subject: The Urantia Book

Years ago I read the Urantia Book's Story of Jesus and felt it was a pretty accurate description of his life and sojourns here on earth. Things we never heard about in the Bible. Since turning to the Course and the realization that on the highest level of the teachings is that there is no world, only what we as "ego" have created. Now the Urantia Book is supposed to be a channelled work also and not only describes the life of Jesus from before birth to other worlds beyond ours and a hierachy after our apparent "death" here. I just am wondering now if the Urantia book has any validity as a channelled document since the highest teachings of the Course is that there is no world, planets, hierachy etc. There is only God, the Isness, Oneness and everything else is a manifestation of our own creation(lower mind, ego).  Star


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