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Originally written by Rissey on 2003-02-02 11:32 AM

(from here on in it will no longer be necessary for me to capitalize the word satan or lucifer, due to it not being a persons name)

Well i don't know.  We look about our world...... and we apparently see evil and suffering.  What is the Source of this evil and suffering?  Satan is the personification of this Source.  If Satan is but a tool of God...... then indeed God would be utilizing this Source of evil and suffering personified.

If someone thinks then that God is this Source of evil and suffering...... it stands to reason..... that they would hold a pretty big grievance against Him.

Try not with that conceited ego of yours to take that as though I have placed you up on some pedestal here.

Do not proscribe a conceited ego on to me...... for i possess no such thing. There was a time when such an ego was in my possession...... but i did with it what i previously explained to you should be done with it.

now this I like..... "Does it not make God the Author of Evil?"
Not at any time have I said that the devil was evil.

No you didn't...... but neither did you account for the apparent evil and suffering in the world.  It works if you say that despite appearances, there IS no evil and suffering in the world.  Is that what you are saying?

 There is no relationship here.


Poor, poor Job! God saw it fit that he should suffer much while here on the earth.

There you have it. God IS.... the Author of suffering! Isn't THAT a pisser!

There is no need to watch out for the paradox.

Ah contrare..... i think i have just established the great neccesity of a paradox watch. When God becomes the Author of suffering...... then it is a good time to question His Godness...... for how could one NOT hold a grievance against such a bastard?

Man.... this would be an excellent place for penny to jump in.

Peace forever,


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