Posted 2003-02-02 3:15 PM (#1308 - in reply to #1305)
Subject: understanding ... to forgive God

[[I think that unless an understanding is achieved.... one will not forgive God for all the apparent horror and pain.]]

well, i must say, ammi ... that's the best reason i've ever heard to support the value of understanding.

however, gaining understanding through intellectual persuit never has and never will work for me ...(i just don't have what it takes to 'learn/study' that way)

... what i have found, is understanding/knowledge comes as a wordless 'knowing' about something [after] i have experienced (throught ordinary living or quiet contemplation) the removal of the block to the truth about it which, in  hindsight, i realize i knew all along. 

not sure how to say what i mean ... did that make any sense?

namaste, orinda

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