Poll When should we switch to this new forum?
When should we switch to this new forum?
Let's move ASAP, but leave the old one up and put a link to it somewhere
We should wait until sunrise tomorrow morning PST to make the switch
We should keep both going for a few more days
There are too many ego's here, I'm going home!

Posted 2003-01-19 5:35 PM (#75)
Subject: When should we switch to this new forum?


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Okay, so now that we are all liking this new format, does anyone have any reason as to when we should shut down the old forum and link directly to this forum from the home page? Right now, unless you read the old forum, you won't be able to get here, so I'd like to move it over asap. If there are other reasons why we should keep the old forum up, please let your voice heard.

I know that there are alot of old messages there that can't be brought over to this forum, so keeping it around

So I ask, when should we make the switch over to this forum by updating the links on the main website page? This will mean that the old forum will still be there for people that are using their Favorites list to get to it, but it won't be accessible from the main website. Only this new forum will be.

The Tutster
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