Amazing Breakthrough
Posted 2003-01-31 10:49 PM (#1112)
Subject: Amazing Breakthrough


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The program on Coast To Coast AM, on 1/30/03, could be very important in the coming months and years. If Dr. Steven Greer is correct, this will certainly affect Us All.

The first hour of the program offered a beacon of hope via Dr. Steven Greer's exciting announcement of the development of a new zero point energy apparatus. "It appears we have found a Holy Grail type device," Greer said. He's set up a company called Space Energy Access Systems to promote such innovations. "This is the most astounding…object I've ever seen in my life," he exclaimed, saying that the plan was to test and then make a prototype of it, before it was introduced to the public at large. The device which collects its own energy could fully power cars, homes and industries. Greer said that one reason he made this announcement on Coast was to prevent this amazing development from being suppressed or eliminated, as has often happened with energy advancements in the past.

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