from Beth in Cambodia
Posted 2003-02-01 9:31 AM (#1133 - in reply to #1128)
Subject: will keep you posted ...

trisha ... i shared it hoping  it would be of personal interest to you, sandra, laura & sandy and others here who know my family 'set-up' ... as a way of keeping us together meaningfully.

yes,  i believe strongly, everything works together for good ... and Beth is surely an effective agent for uncovering the goodness in everything.

did i tell you ... while teaching in cambodia ( assistant principal of her school now) ... she's also enrolled in an education masters program via the internet from an americian university ... and does her 'inclass' time during school breaks at a gorgeous campus in the south of france ... wowee wah?

she is a beautiful blessing to me/her family and all who know her.

enjoy your day, trisha, and tell susan if you see her ... brocolli forest muffin receipe on the way ... along with my 'italian Spirit's'  recipe for preparing fresh green beans from heaven!  
much love, orinda


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