Look around --- There is magnificence

Posted 2003-01-31 7:53 AM (#1031)
Subject: Look around --- There is magnificence

hello all,

Having a grand morning here. Hope you are too.

We have this tall, very tall, pine tree with beautiful branching limbs and needles right next to our veranda. The veranda is on the second floor, and the tree extends itself above it.

This tree is where I feed the birds, and enjoy seeing them as well.

This winter with all the lovely snow, icicles form all over it, making the tree a spectacular wonder.

I showed it to my son yesterday, and said, see the icicles, how many there are, and how beautifully they are arranged.

And then from my mind came this sentence:

"Looks professionally done, doesn't it?"

We laughed, and had a good time with it. Professionally done, indeed.

God is in my World.

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