God talks to me ...
Posted 2003-01-30 1:18 PM (#998 - in reply to #997)
Subject: i missed you too ...

miss V!

experiencing great trouble getting access to tgp yesterday was the second 2X4 needed to alert me to ask where my fulfillment was flowing effortlessly   ... i can be SO willfill sometimes especially when it comes to being at tgp appropriately.

oh well, God knows i've given absolute permission that anything and everything be used to keep me on the  'Homebound beam' ... so complaint or upset is useless.

how's the internet 'invitation to share what we've found with awakening friends' coming along? i'll go read what's been offered while i've been away.

oh, i did get a little insight you may want to consider ... it was the idea that the 'messengers' who extend these invitations ... themselves must BE the message.
in other words, the ones who  extend this invitation to share in Raj's material/this site ... must be doing it out of their own desire to join ... for their own reasons.

love, Om

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