Rough Draft for the 'invitation to join us'
Chris Tuttle
Posted 2003-01-29 12:36 PM (#928 - in reply to #914)
Subject: When sharing looks like spamming...


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Sandra brings up a concern of mine, that appearing on some board we've never been to and posting this message is alot like spamming. I don't think it will be received well and might open up this forum to backlash. This is why I emphesise that we find a way to authorize the work by getting a forum admin or site admin to post a news or forum message about us. This will bring an important level of authorization to the table as well as give the admin the opportunity to determin if the content here is appropriate for the his audience.

The other concern is that your message might only live a few minutes before the admin decides to remove the spam. If that were happening here, I know I would have the responsibility to curtail it.

I think every board and website we might be considering posting a message to requires us to ask permission first from the admin if you're not already a regular poster or member.

One more thing, we shouldn't be trying to share the work with only one method of sharing it. Each one of us has a different Internet domain we rove around in every day. It is this unique way we all look and access other people and sites that can bring a level of flexibility to the act of 'spreading the message'. So even though we're working on cleaning up a message to post on other forums, let's not forget that ANY way we find to include others is a VALID way, as long as it doesn't violate others.

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